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I am 4, beah, kind, nice person, humble, sweet, generous. precious,
mystique, lovable, prangka, natural person, clasic. elegance, [[prEttY]] [[bEaut ifuL]] [[gOod LookinG]] [[gLamorOus]] [[sExy]] anD HUMBLE.ryt?x] LAnG AANGAL! x] UmangaL pangEt... i LOvE. . . [[chocolatEs and fLowErs]] [[eftEE mOdE]] [[mcdO]] [[new friEnds]] [[#7]] [[dancing]] [[brOwn,yeLLow,whit E,grEen]] [[undErstandinG,opEn-mindEd]] [[swEet,friE ndLy&LoyaL]] [[mang-asar sa mga kausap qU]] [[mangGuLo nG buhay nG iba]] i hatE. . . . . [[LIAR]] [[shit taLkErs]] [[fakE pipOL]] [[fakE friEnds]] [[BIDAman..haha!]] [[criticism]] [[mY hatErs]]->i wOn't wastE my timE tO yOu cOz i was nOt born tO pLeasE u.f u don't LikE mE thEn i dOn't LikE yOu. n0t every0ne may understand the way i am, some may hate me,while others will love me..,but f0r all of that et0 lang mssbi k0.. TNX 4 whatever appreciation u have 4me or value u`v given me" .. i just hate rules and restriction, loves aggressiveness and freedom. somtimes rebellious when restricted' withdrawn and unpredictable, sociable. can be erratic yet imaginative and charitable lot of people may find it appealing if someone has really good looks but not for me...i go for the personality..its no cliche'.i'd rather be spending time with someone that i can have a really good conversation with than someone who got nothing in between their ears..u could love me or hate me.... ",)I am an upfront gay, honest, and optimistic. I love my family and friends. Being online is not my life actually but l will love to if l can gain more friends from all over the world via the channel.A simple gay who like to enjoy life very much.I am a caring and loving gay with kind and great personality.I really try to enjoy every moment I can and experience as much as I can. I have an incredible capacity to love, share, involve people in my life. I am smart enough on some stuff and not as much on other things. My beliefs are that each of us has our own path to walk, and I am thankful for everyone who walks along with me for however long, and for whatever reason. Life is filled with lessons to learn. I can't be categorized, I workout regularly, am thankful for my health, my wonderful friends, my ability to be positive, and tenacious attitude. I am interested to hear from you, long as your not hitting me up for sex only!:)


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