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I 've missed you all here! SMILE ^ _ ^ Also pls check my youtube video ** This is how I see me now .. this is my hair color .. and I've lost some weight .. I'm not the prettiest and I 'm not the best .. but one thing I assure you I am SPECIAL .. and one of a kind .. A TRUE INTELLIGENCE , beauty and passion that is ANNE COMBINATION .. and I am proud to say that I love this job .. now availble for INCALL / OUTCALL about me: FRIENDLY and polite ~ ~ I love dealing with people who always smiles, I feel comfortable and have the best of me .. (",) ~ ~ Treat me like a machine and I 'm going to be a machine , but they treat you like a couple, I'll be your passionate partner (",) ALTO - height 175 cm SEXY - C cap 36 , 26, 36 ( 58 kg ) HAIR - i dyed light golden color Complexion - fair skin , I mix Spanish and Chinese blood EDUCATED - speaks fluent English , you want to have a talk first before LITTLE log .. to break the ice and to ensure that the two had fun , 'coz i want to enjoy the session too. (",)


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