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I say: Lovers are a pastime one tends to outgrow, a hobby that eventually becomes a bore.... But not when your muse, your heroine is a WO-man of many devices, innovation and resource. a Shemale Fatale.... transsexual tour de force who reinvents, renews herself with many tricks and treats up her sleeve... It is never a chore to be with this amazing character. Try and explore!!!!!!!! ------- Scenario: Insi de the bedroom , I emerge from your bath, the perfect body; a temptress in irresistible lingerie; is she the mistress tonight in black fishnet stockings and black transparent filigree. Or perhaps a courtesan in red. Or maybe she is innocent – almost virginal – in white, ready to be ravished by your libertine self. Through the thin veneer of my skimpy panties you extract my special secret, and in your mouth it hardens, my desire growing until it explodes, and you drink my warm elixir… Us entwined, you facing me, on my lap, legs around me with our tongues in a twisted embrace while you rub our cocks together… My strong fingers working the stress knotted sinews of your back as face down you take my beautiful cock in your mouth. I am in control as I work down to your near virginal pussy. Both fearing and desiring my penetration by finger or by cock – now hard from your efforts – but not knowing when my constant skirmishes towards your exposed vulnerability, will finally result in your losing control – and my taking it – you wait in fear and in hope for my coming inside you…


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