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NOW Im back in philippines call me 09217870078 An exotic shemale for escort that can be top or bottom as you like it! I want to take you away from the hustle and bustle of the restless world, bring you closer to your sensual imagination and make your fetish for shemales happen. I'm here to lessen your worries and hang- ups and bring you to a world different from yours. Whether for fun, casual encounter,a rousing talk or inspirational conversation, the essence of quality time comes true. With me, an hour or more of your daily life is worth every cents you have worked for! I'm 23, fair skinned and have straight long hair...I stand 5'6” and medium built but I always stand tall with my vibrant personality... Well- mannered and cultured, I'm able to engage in conversations being articulate and well- read, probably one thing that sets me apart from the rest. I don't only use my body as a tool in sex but also use my mind to create an exotic ambiance. so simple yet elegant, a soft heart with a strong will, discreet yet naughty, qualities that endeared me to my countless friends! for my ideal man: I would love to have a mate who understands me and my needs, who willingly accepts my assets and my flaws, and give me comfort and security, a strong man who's not afraid to show his vulnerability and soft side, a man who's secured about his principles and sexuality that he lives by his innate animal instinct and fantasies. With him I should feel like a queen of my own, an important living figure in a world of ambiguity and differences,for I ought not to be a minority but an exceptional human being.. Just a preview of what you could expect in meeting me in person. Somethings are better left unsaid and it’s for you to discover the rest of me. My Shemale Persona: S...SENSIBLE conversation if you want company.. A...AMOROUS feeling let go,,your just a call away to experience one great shemale sexcapade!!! T...TOTAL PACKAGE in one moment of shemale exploration.. C...CURIOUS shemale to awaken your senses.. H...HAPPY to be with coz I'll make you especial.. A...ALWAYS on the go just to satisy my customer call me 09217870078.. kisses!


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