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IN CANBERRA TILL MAY 13, 2013 ONLY CATCH ME WHILE YOU CAN 0451680052 Emotions are amoral, amoral meaning they are neither right nor wrong. For men to lust/desire/want girls like me is neither right nor wrong... So give in to your emotions and stop thinking of the what if's.... It is always a leap of faith... and some leaps bring you to priceless memories and experiences... I would like to quote 16th century humanist ERASMUS OF ROTTERDAM, who wrote a satirical vein of the perennial tension between reason and emotion. In his writing, he uses the ratio of 24:1 in comparing the power of the emotional brain to the rational brain. In other words when emotions are in high gear, emotions are times stronger than the rational mind (im not sure if this applies to women also but i strongly believe this applies to MEN hehehe) Though i do not know the validity of this ratio but it does have some usefulness to explaining why men do what they do... why i do what i do... and why you do what you do... It does not have to be rational or in reason why you (MEN) seek girls like me (LADYBOYS), all you need is the desire and the attraction. Attraction meaning in most part you are attracted to her beauty, or attraction to her mind, to her personality and even sometimes to her soul, or to dark skin or maybe to her painted toe nails... (giggling) and high heels... That is why we are called individuals, everybody is different from everyone. Appearance, personalities and a whole lot of other things. If we are one in the same or if we are all perfect how dull and boring the world maybe. Someone told me ”your imperfection is your perfection” i am not so sure how to grasp that concept but it takes one intelligent person to understand the mere words of that particular statement. So now reaching to the reason why i am here, it is to invite you to my PLAYGROUND... Where You and I (the host) will explore grounds that you have or have not explored. MAKING LOVE is a wonderful thing that should be enjoyed by everybody not just a product/commodity that is being advertised. In deed if both parties have that particular connection or chemistry the experience would be magical... Or in my own words unforgettable and lasting... In the near future, may our paths cross and we get to enjoy how wonderful LIFE and MAKING LOVE WITH A LADYBOY can be... so guys stop reading and do your thing... As what i have come across the book ”THE PRINCE” written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ”It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye” Beauty will always be subjective. Be it superficial or be it skin deep. In our lifetime, if we do get to meet beautiful people (in or out) cherish every moment. Hold on to them no matter what. Beautiful people are very difficult to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget. come and get me...



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