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Hi Generous Gentlemen and Submissive ... :) The name is Selmah La Domina...25yr of age...staying here in Makati City/Manila... I am a Natural Mistress in Heart... I am one of the very few ladies who are naturally passionate about being a Mistress.I love everything about it... The ideas, the sights, sounds, smells and sensations! As an individual, I have a STRONG Personality...My views in life are very essential to me and I integrate all of my views with full CONFIDENCE towards my daily life...I am an Open-minded person but I don't let anyone change my views and beliefs... I'm simply Classy and Sophisticated Lady...but I have a Big Surprised that you gonna loved it and get Addicted to it... Moving on to the much important things... Physically, I have a Passable look... I have a naturally Straight and Long Luscious Black Hair, a very Smooth and Supple Fair Skin that matches my Innocent and Luminous Face... I have very Soulful Almond Eyes and Voluptuous Cherry Lips. Other than my Feminine Qualities I am Proud to have a Beautiful and Real Sized of '' 8'inches '' Big-Thick-Suckable Cock between my Smooth Flawless Legs...I have a firm Bubble Butt,clean and Well-Shaved Anus up to My Milky Balls that can explode 3-4 times for you that will make you Wet your bed sheets with many Orgasms! I Guarantee it! I'm Enjoying a lot as being a TOP Shemale... :) well It was Started 2009 of May When I had My 1st Sexperience of getting Serviced and this Guy just told me to Relax and Widely Open My Legs and got Shocked when 1st time ever I felt a Strange Feeling that Seriously Leads me and Changed me for Who I am now..It was Happen so Fast...He makes me Crazy and I've got Steel-Rod up to my Navel by the HeadJob Department. I cant explain how I feel that time,the only words that my Brain cells response to the stimuli from the environment where I'm receiving a sense of touch in my sensitive part is the 3 words of ''Do Not Stop''...and he Seat-Down on my Super Hard-Cock that even me was amazed seeing and having my Cock Very Big Like that...He Ride me like a Horse and '' Ohhh My Goodness '' I cant believe that the longer he staying Riding Rodeo with me and the Hornier I can get and Hard... These past 3 years really changed who I am...and that When I was Teenage I was always Submissive and Hungry for BigCock...but I grew out of it gradually developing who I am now...Enjoying as a Hard-Fucker,Aggressive, and Genuine Top MISTRESS or Dominatrix... I love looking at a Man's face while Digging-Deeply of his tight asspussyhole...before he get screwed with my StrongCock in his sweethole,First is I Rubbing the Shaft of My SteelCock in the Cleavage of his sweatyhole,and then in a while using the Head of my PowerfulCock to ''KNOCK KNOCK” in the Door of his tastefulHole and just go straight and feel free to explore deep inside is I will do often in my BoyToyHole,with all my gentleness while entering my Enormous Cock and then pushing slowly,doing it with Rhythm until he get used to it and I let the Dragon inside me to come out and harder,faster like the driller until my boytoy gets crazy with the Hardness of my BeautifulCock as turns to MonstrousCock and Penetrating his HungryHole with all of my Fantasy on Asshole-Hardfucking ,continuing still on pumping inside while my arms are tightly around his body... I can control myself to cum easily and stay fully Erected. My Peacock is Machine-like with a fully Energized Battery that you will never forget. Every inch of it is filled of mind-blowing emotions especially while going In and Out on your WET and WOW Annul. If your mouth is thirsty and your ass-pussy is longing to be watered with a great amount of hot, thick and creamy load... Then you shall receive my SCRUMPTIOUS SPUNK! Feast on the sweet tasting protein from my smooth balls... I never treated any Man I've Met in Person here on Internet that will make his feelings that he was only My Client/Costumer,Instead I always make him Comfortable & Relaxed together w/ me,and starting some Role-Playing and Bring-out the Hidden Desires Inside him;that he wanted to have finally in Real or do it often;Changing his Looks or maybe a little bit of the way of he Act while on Bed,that really makes me Turn-on and get Very Hard and Horny,as he can be My Special Someone/Companion or My Obedient Servant,as I am her Mistress or Teacher and he is My Student who need to past on his Practical Examination of How To be Law-Obey-ding Pupil on my class... Just be Generous,Adventurous,Valorous to face your Fantasy,Desirous to have Sized of a Enormous & Hardness as the Bone-Humerus of a Gorgeous and so Delicious She-Cock is your Mouth and Anus.. As a Mature Thinker Person,Discreetness & Confidentiality are very much important for me and you & off coarse as an Escort I fully Understand & Know How to Take Care the Privacy of My Guest,So your Identity is Quite Safe & Secure with me.So No Worries...and Lets just Enjoy every single seconds while being together... I am available daytime, evenings, weekdays and weekends for any type of service or function you wish to be escorted to as well as long steamy hours of amazing love making. Ts-SELMAH TOP LADYBOY. ACTIVE/PASSIVE SHEMALE. DOMINANT TRANSEXUAL. MISTRESS/TRAINER/COMMANDER/SUPERIOR/BOSSY/SE NYORA/QUEEN/GODDESS Available in = Makati City/Manila Area. Mobile No. (0063 919 326 3933)


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