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LAST 3 DAYS IN MALAYSIA POST OPERATIVE-- OLIVIA (+60105041754)-------Your gentle EurAsian DOMINATRIX and MASSEUSE...A combination of both is the unrevealed secret PERFECT experience you need..Being a post op and being an X- ladyboy, I exactly know where to locate your G SPOT to give you full satisfaction, coz I fully understand your needs and wants. ---For Even Once in Your life, Try MY Hands with TANTRIC MASSAGE--Very Expert in Anus-Manhood Massage. SWEDISH/ ZEN SHIATSU MASSAGE- I will press and stroke your Body Sensually from HEAD, TO LIPS, TO FOOT BODY TO BODY MASSAGE- Let our body be closer enough to feel the heat while you feel my Soft Clitoris touching on your body , and vice versa I will also start to blind fold you and tie your hands together, so you can't see nor touch but just FEEL me. Just try to imagine that. I do the most requested NO PAIN DOMINATIONS, like spitting, spanking, golden shower, etc. depending on your request. As a Post Op , now with High Quality Pussy, your dreams will come true with the hard core fucking you want---PUSSY - ASS - PUSSY- ASS---alternately making you so horny, with every holes you like, tight or even tighter. FISTING is one of my specialties and I got lots of first timers who can't believe that they CAN take my whole big fist. With the perfect HEIGHT ( 6FT /183CM ) to dominate you, I guarantee SATISFACTION. I also cater HIGH QUALITY BDSM - combination of PAIN and PLEASURE--like Full Body Bondages and Whipping. My rubberized whip will give you from ZERO to 10 ratings of pain. For me, this is the most HORNY play and you can't imagine that SLAVES will have super HARD ON, even the fact that they received TOLERABLE PAIN. BDSM is NOT all about pain, BUT power, humiliation, and pleasure. We will be using SAFE-WORDS to manage the play. Your CONSENT and LIMITS are the top priority. You will be the one to dictate as to what and how much you want to take. TRUST ME, you are safe with my hands. Being EXPOSED to all body parts as a masseuse, your facial reactions, gestures, body and muscle movements, and all your body responses will give me the HINT as to what, when, how I will do it and how much you can consider as ”still pleasurable”. (Please say ”GREEN” if you want this service during your inquiry). As they say, I have the MAGICIAN'S hands, and it creates MIRACLES. I received lots of awesome compliments every now and then. My sex change surgery belongs to one of the top 5 doctors around the world. So guess what? I just can squirt like real ladies... I'm also a UNIVERSITY graduate, who has excellent communication skills in ENGLISH. And well, you wouldn't know, but the GIRL FRIEND EXPERIENCE from a dominatrix-masseuse can be just the right one you are looking for...I can be very Submissive as what you want... NO RUSH SERVICE!!!! ALL PHOTOS ARE 100% REAL/GENUINE YOUR MONEY IS SURE NOT WASTED AND WORTH WITH WHAT YOU GET..... TRY NOW AND NO REGRETS!!! Life is so short Other Services: Toilet Training, Mummification, Animal Play, CrossDressing, Face Sitting, Anal Torture, Tits-Cock-Ball Torture, Other Role Playing....


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