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Hey, thanks for dropping by. Below is a blurb about me. I'm really not one who likes to go on about myself but this site has forced my hand. I write/travel/enjoy modeling ( exclusively). All up I really enjoy what I do. I find being a model to be very satisfying. It's a very creative and personal experience and at the same time one that is best shared with others who are doing it with the same passion. This is the most important thing really. Apart from photography, good friends creating good conversation makes me very happy. I don't have much patience for ego and banality. I'm really into tangents and coffee. And going on tangents over coffee. I love sunshine and being near parks/rivers. I try to stay fit. I enjoy workout, I do yoga and workout a couple of times a week with friends. I really love good moments with people who are open and friendly and I'm into independent and creative-minded people. I guess I'm looking for someone like that, someone with a lot to say, with their own ideas and their own style. Someone with a critical but not cynical eye on the world. Someone who loves the arts. Someone who is interested in people and what makes them tick. Someone who is generally happy with themselves and the world, but not blind to others problems or their own. Thanks for reading :-)


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