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I am not a DOLL., nor An ANGEL from Heaven. I am Simply STEFANI VARGAS. 25 yrs old. Close to Perfection, The SHEMALE of your Imagination. Life is Short., We only live Once so must live life to the fullest. Now, its time to indulge yourself in a ONE unforgettable., unregretable Experience with the Ultimate Pleasure giver SHEMALE STEFANI.. sure to leave you craving for more. I'm always a PHONE CALL away....... NO surprises when you open the door, NO drama, and NO wasting our time together. Besides time is our most valuable asset and you should be offered the opportunity to be entertained and cared for in whatever way appeases you most. Try me so you can see that what I offer is honest and genuine unbridled passion,I want you to yearn for more until all of your desires are met. Call me at my phone number any time and leave a message! I am yours for the taking. I love pleasure and I find that it comes hand in hand with sensuality and passion.......


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