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Mabuhay welcome to the world of transfantasy turning into reality Accordding to history transsexual already exist even the historical times they were the 3rd gender and was consider to be highest form of human being known to be preistess and goddesses in some mythology. they were once worships since they are believed to cure all sickness and also stop all forms of calamity they are also known to bring good luck to everyones family,work,and good harvest. due to the changing era were religion is replaced by paganism transsexual lost its identity from the history books but still manage to exist in the society living in an underworld but as on modern times they become the object in every males creative fantasy which we are about to experience come explore and know whats it all about this is svetlana kusnetsova a pure filipina exotic tgirl from metro manila and now here to serve you with your everyday fantasy and frustrations that you always want to happen in life im very versatile fully functional feminine passable shemale with 7 inch candy stick for your convinience im very well polished and modest but also wild once you close the bedroom door this is what girlfriend experience is all about i make things passionate and romantic at the same time cater you to the things you demand and ever fantasize about i am a woman who love to portray different character my primary interest in life is meeting people in all walks of life and get to know them from what nation they are from and what culture they practice i guess thats the anthropology in me the reason why i like this kind of business is because i like to cater myself with so much hospitality with the person im going to meet since we are all different and i like to share all my experiences to the person im going to be with....im very extroverted and very extravagant in many ways my primary interest in life is something related to food,nature,fashion,technology,travel,culture,clubbing and friends i am more of a artist than a corporate person......another reason why i like this kind of profession is my thirst for hot romance and lustful desires i would love to hear from you guys and discover my world so enrol now and experience what courses i teaches to make you better,or experience dinning in my own restuarante were i only serve exotic dish that you always dream of or have yourself a medical check up where exams are more satisfying than to fear of


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