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Age: 23 years old (for real) Occupation: Full-time Shemale Pornstar! Hair Color: Vibrant black Eye Color: Honey with golden sparks Height: 5'5" (167cm) Breast Size: 36DD and proud of it! Cock Size: 7 inches erect Zodiac Sign: I'm a Libra, from the month of October, but I don't really pay much attention to the Zodiac. It never gets it right for me! Favorite Sex position: With a cock in my ass of course, no matter what position! Sexual Orientation: If it's sex, I'm oriented to it! But I do prefer men over women in bed. Ideal Date: One that starts with a movie, has red wine and sushi in it, and finishes with great sex. Lots of kisses during the entire date are a must!


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